Who Want to Date Bisexual Women

We all know that bisexual people is attracted by both women and men, maybe in your mind that it is so easy for bi women to date someone. But in fact, it is hard for bi women to date someone. Straight men want to date straight women because they don' t want their lovers fall in love with another women, this is so common. For lesbian, they want to date lesbian who are the same as them not bi women, because bi women may go with men in the end. So, actually, straight men and lesbian are not the best person for bi women for dating, who want to meet bisexual women for dating?

Sexuality is not always one to one but also one to more, yes threesome even foursome is a new sexual style becoming more and more popular. Unicorn threesome is the most popular in threesome dating which made of a couple and a third bisexual woman. Many bi couples are not satisfied with their sex, they are third of it want to taste new, most of them accept a bi woman to join them to have sex together exploring their sexuality. In addtion, bi women want to find bisexual women for dating as well. You are bi women, and your partners are bi women too, you are the same, knowing each other better, what she thinks and what she does is the same as you, you can understand everything of her, so, it is very easy to understand why bi women like looking for bisexual women for dating.

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